John Steven Cooper

        Feb. 27, 1949 - Oct. 17, 2013


Some of the most horrible days we ever experience start with a phone call from a friend. As our entire Mountain Community of Eastern Fresno County found out when ALL of our phones began ringing back in October of 2013 that we had lost a giant among men. John Cooper had past away.
John was a devoted family man, very loving husband, Expert Builder and great friend to us all. To most of us in this group he was a bold Explorer with a passion for discovery and finding new ways to tackle old problems. He never stopped adventuring even in his sixties. John taught us to be patient and always find another way when the trail ends.
John's Strength came from his faith in the lord and his Love of his life Vicky, both of whom he spoke of very highly on every one of our adventures.  We are still copping with the loss of our friend and leader who was also quite the inventor and hell of a cook.
John was as bad as I am in talking friends into going on adventures they otherwise would have skipped. He held in his heart the values of Exploration from Caving to Searching so strong we all feel his loss and have stumbled in restarting our trips.
We are starting again we have to say, John Cooper we miss you so much brother, Nothing but Love from our whole community and our humbled group of Explorers.
Mother Earth Underground



                Johns Sermon given by Pastor Joe Maxwell ( Click on Photo Below )