Modern Day Explorer's

Mother Earth Underground started as a private Caving Club
 with a strong desire to explore.

 We constantly seek out new adventures and have fully embraced the phrase,
"Our adventure begins where the trail ends".

We founded Our club 15 years ago and from caving
to searches for new or known Sierra Nevada oddities.
Our searches have taken us into many new territories that we have
 explored fearlessly and will continue for many years to come.


Thank you so much my brothers and sisters for traveling with me.
 We are asking folks to join us in a celebration of the most beautiful places on Earth while you find Strength, Endurance, Faith, and at times a side of yourself you never thought could have existed.

We are working on many different ways
 for those who cannot join us, to be able to.
Whether through Skype, Live audio broadcasts, or trip reports. That way you can be part of the team, so stay tuned.
                                                            Ken Gentry

Hey Check out our Slide show we put together. Back ground music by
Ken Gentry and Brian Donaldson. This is our first try. Many more will be coming.

If your really bored and would like to see our first attempt at a reenactment.
Check out this video of the day we were mocking a few Bigfoot Researchers
and had rocks thrown at us, yes it really happened, one rock was near 20 lbs.

Skinning a 4 ft. Rattlesnake for a mountain man dinner, by Jon Artz.

 Kens interview about Bigfoot on K.M.P.H. 26

This is how cavers use our climbing gear to paint a house.

Mother's New Compilation Video