Mothers Mobile Command post is nearing completion. It's the brain child of our radio man and great friend Jeff Kroeker. Since it's conception it has become a real joy to work on.

On board computers, sat. up-link capabilities, on demand showers (inside and out).

A well stocked first aide station, remodeled kitchen, (inside and out).

Solar powered, with a silent running generator for back up power. To many Gizmo's to list.

The new oak cabinets, inverter and P.C. station. Note the folding map table.

It can handle three PC's. Radios and power control up-top.


Fresh paint wouldn't be complete without logos.

Back and side with our support Partners logos along side.

First test run was a success, Pc's and radios worked well, We will be changing porta towers but

this worked for now.


She used to be two colors of green. Antenna mounts and large solar panels next, COOL HUH.