Mother Earth Underground was formed around 1997 after a search for a local legendary Cave.
We were fruitful in our search by my self and three other climbers and after a lengthy examination. We discovered more than the Cave.
We found that we really enjoyed the team work involved in exploration. After building our equipment inventory and data bases, we began filling our summers, and just about any weekend we could setting out on adventures. From caving to treasure hunting, assisting biologists, searching for lost trails, or exploring old train robbers hideouts, we are having a ball.

 Our goal with this site is to help provide you with the tools and knowledge to set up adventures in or around your back yards.
Ken Gentry

If you have a minute I'd like you to meet a few new friends.
Jeffrey Gonzalez is real dedicated and has some interesting projects in the works.
Take a moment and swing on in.

 Here is a link to the NSS